People inserting their own ID CHIPS, NEW FAD, youtube guides

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People inserting their own ID CHIPS, NEW FAD, youtube guides

Postby admin » Thu Apr 07, 2016 1:13 am

Look what's happening guys:

Youtube videos are appearing now with people implanting themselves with ID chips - in their hands. These are like guides on how to implant yourself - now we can see where we are heading - I think there is no longer any doubt regarding the Mark of the Beast. Iphones can be used to read these ID chips. A lot of people are getting them implanted at tattoo parlours, doctors, or just doing it themselves:

Mythbusters banned from speaking about RFID chip by Visa and Mastercard
Look at the powerful cover up surrounding Mythbusters - who wanted to do a "myth" busting story on RFID chips - they were shut down heavily by Mastercard and Visa

Mark of the Beast : Government using Immigration and Terror to push RFID Implants (Jan 25, 2016)
Look at all the Refugee crisis issues in the news lately - look at the immigration problem in america with all the Mexicans. This makes me worry about trump now as he's pushing for something to be done about immigration.

Look at the Gun problem in America.....what's the solution? Guns that only operate for the owner - via fingerprints or Chip implants The Gun will only fire if the owner is holding the gun............another selling point for the chip implant - especially it being in the "right hand".

Mark of the Beast Update: PayPal exec wants to replace passwords with injectable chips
The huge Paypal organisation is pushing this technology as the solution to the "password" problem. ID Chip implants will mean your password will never be needed again - can never have your password stolen.....

Guys we need to realise this is coming RAPIDLY. It is not far off..........another year or 2 at most.........The Chips are already being voluntarily taken up by many with Iphones.........this stuff is on the doorstep NOW. Time to refocus on Christ and draw closer to him as the hour is approaching fast.

One thing I have noticed is that the people in these Youtube videos seem like reasonable people - normal people - but they will go to hell. It struck me that the only difference between them and us will be the decision to NOT accept the chip. They will look at me like "why not?" Its simply this stand that will differentiate them and us.........a lot of these people will be far better human beings than us........more decent, more noble, more intelligent, more friendly, more kind, more pleasant than us.......etc........the only difference will be us not accepting this technology.........Do you see this guys? Even the most horrible, miserable, useless, lazy, obnoxious, nasty person, who appears to have ZERO fruit of the spirit - if they refuse the Mark on the basis they believe the bible - even they will be saved......... This is what is striking me quite profoundly atm. Many who take the Mark will seem like really great will purely boil down to - DO YOU BELIEVE THE BIBLE OR NOT? What an ultimate test of faith, I can see now why God is allowing this. It will force His people to ACT on their a way I find it strangely comforting......I'm kinda seeing now that in our generation, its those who are prepared to suffer by refusing the Mark that will be saved.......its paying that cost that proves you believe Gods word......and that's faith.......its not by your good deeds in any form or manner.......its based on your belief. This persecution captures the essence of salvation...........

So brothers and sisters - finally have faith in Christ, He will stand with you , Keep watch ! Don't fall asleep at this time.......if you know you are falling asleep in Christ then wake yourself up again ........

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