WW3 Scenario - 7 Year Iran Nuclear Deal ?

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WW3 Scenario - 7 Year Iran Nuclear Deal ?

Postby admin » Fri May 01, 2015 1:21 am

I have researched this matter some more, reading Revelations 6 (the 4 horsemen and Seals) and Matthew 24 I'm seeing the following:

1) Start of Daniels 70th Week - 7 year covenant confirmed, Anti-Christ rides on White Horse with a bow, given a crown and bent on conquest.
Is this:
  • Obama's Iran Nuclear Deal? with United Nations / Pope backing
  • Next US President's Iran Nuclear Deal? (Republican President?) with United Nations & Pope?
  • Iran itself armed with Nuclear weapons + allies (Russia & China)?
  • Something Else / Someone Else?
2) Red Horse - World War 3 breaks out - whole world at war - Anti-Christ conquers and takes Power
3) Black Horse - Food shortages from War
4) Pale Horse - Death of many people as result of everything preceding
5) Abomination of Desolation Set Up - Sacrifise and Offering stopped - Great Tribulation starts - Now the Anti-Christ is in power and mandates the Mark of the Beast and Christians are specifically targeted and killed in massive numbers.

These days of "Great Tribulation" are then cut short by the return of Christ.

Looking at today's world the biggest threat is Iran getting nuclear weapons. We have been warned over and over again - by Bibi - that a nuclear Iran will be catastrophic for the world. We know Iran is receiving help from Obama at this time, a very strange situation when we look at history. I see the following possibilities:

1) Iran or Israel will be the trigger for WW3 - either way I think the issue will be over Iran's nuclear weapons

2 (a) Iran, Russia & allies (China?) will win WW3 with a possible islamic AC and Mark of the Beast
2 (b) Western nations will win WW3 and the AC will rule from the United Nations (America), the Mark being more of a global religion Mark.

Considering I believe Babylon is the United States - I'm more inclined to think the West will win WW3, since at the end of Revelations (period of Wrath) God remembers Babylon and Babylon is destroyed in 1 hour - Babylon still exists and is still thriving (references to merchants reactions to her destruction). So Babylon - the place that imports from the worlds merchants - the woman that rules over the Kings of the earth - the mixing pot of many peoples (tower of Babel) - they must survive WW3 reasonably intact?

Just my thoughts - I'm really trying to get a picture of what's coming......really trying to figure it out ahead of time.
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Re: WW3 Scenario - 7 Year Iran Nuclear Deal ?

Postby admin » Fri May 01, 2015 1:23 am

September will be important as Pope Francis is visiting the USA and addressing the US Congress and the United Nations, its also the end of the Blood Moon Tetrad with the last Lunar eclipse happening the day after his flight back to the Vatican. Also June apparently is the next deadline for the Iran Nuclear talks.....

What DEAL has been in the news the last few years? What deal caused the Prime Minister of Israel BIBI to deliver a historic speech in the USA congress? What has the Prime Minister of Israel been warning about for the last 5+ years? Its all been about Iran's nuclear weapons and Obama's NUCLEAR DEAL.

I think this is the 7 YEAR DEAL spoken of by Daniel - Daniels 70th Week. I think we will see the USA concede to a shorter time frame 7 YEARS

Look at these News Articles:

Iran could accept deal to halt nuclear program for seven years, FM says
July 2014
The title says it all. Iran's Foreign Minister (FM) hints a 7 year deal could be acceptable.

Iran rejects Obama's request to suspend nuclear activities for 10 years
March 2015
The title of this article makes it clear Iran will not accept a 10 year timespan - Iran wants a shorter time span.
https://www.middleeastmonitor.com/news/ ... r-10-years

What might an Iran deal contain?
March 2015
In this article it states Iran is seeking a seven year timespan:
How long the constraints last has been a source of tension. The US had sought a 20-year deal; Iran wanted a timespan closer to 7 years.

http://www.timesofisrael.com/what-might ... l-contain/

A good deal: How both sides can sell the Iran nuclear agreement back home
April 2015
In this article we hear again the FM of Iran mentioning seven, several years frequently:
Our sole power plant in Bushehr is supplied by Russia, which has agreed to a several-year renewal once the contract expires in 2021.

As for the research reactor in Tehran, we have sufficient 20-percent enriched fuel to operate it for several years

This process has taken several years even for less politicized cases like Japan and Canada. Iran also needs time to construct new nuclear power plants and master fuel-manufacturing technology. Finally, the difference between our ideal timeline for ramping up an enrichment program and the one in this deal is seven years. What is seven years for a nation with seven millennia of history?

I'm getting the impression Iran wants a 7 Year Deal and in view of Bible prophecy I'm inclined to think they will get it.
If this is the 7 year Deal in the Book of Daniel then Daniels 70th Week is soon to begin and WW3 is only a year or few away.
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