UN Secretary General position to become a single 7 Year Term

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UN Secretary General position to become a single 7 Year Term

Postby admin » Sat Jun 04, 2016 7:24 am

Hello all,

Yep you heard it ..... 7 year terms are on the cards for future Secretary Generals of the United Nations. The Anti-Christ is on his way! Here's the proof:

Website: http://www.1for7billion.org/
10 Reforms: http://www.1for7billion.org/ten-urgent-reforms/

Reform 10: The term of the Secretary-General should be limited to a single, non-renewable period of seven years.

Basically if you do some googling about the selection process of the UN Secretary General you will find all the UN's own websites reference and link to the above website. It's clear that this reform agenda is being pushed by the UN itself, its just a matter of time before the reforms are adopted, which might even be before the next UN Secretary General is chosen. So its possible the AC could be revealed Jan 1st 2017, or might be the following Secretary General (in 2022).
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