Blessed Are the Climate Advocates

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Blessed Are the Climate Advocates

Postby admin » Thu May 14, 2015 12:36 am

Blessed Are the Climate Advocates

The Vatican and United Nations present the beatitudes of a new movement.

This week, while at Vatican City in Rome to manage press for the first-ever meeting on climate change between Pope Francis and United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, my faith in a force more powerful was renewed. I am not religious, despite being descended from a long line of Amish and Mennonite preachers. But at the climate confab, I became a believer again. And I wasn’t alone.

It wasn’t my faith in God that was renewed at the Vatican but rather a faith in our ability to get something done on climate change. And as an American, whose Congress isn’t even close to acting aggressively or quickly enough on climate change, that’s saying something. Even the Pope’s and the U.N.’s top policy officials were clearly inspired by the event, which was hosted by the Vatican’s Pontifical Academy of Sciences. Throughout the day I witnessed multiple about-faces of previously cynical staff rapidly turning toward optimism.

This Vatican moment was a game-changer. Science and religion were forcefully and unwaveringly aligning. Tuesday’s high-level session brought together multiple presidents, CEOs, academics, scientists, and all the major religions, and ended with this final, forceful statement. The event was a prelude to the Pope’s summer encyclical on climate change, and it laid a solid foundation. ... tican.html

I hope its obvious to everyone by now that the entire "Climate Change" issue is a total FRAUD that's been invented & championed by the United Nations to advance its own agenda, to become the World's ultimate Governing Body. The whole idea being to deceive the nations into signing binding agreements with the United Nations as the overseer (ultimate Authority)......I really hope we all now see this for what it really is.......a ploy to hand more and more power over to the United Nations. Eventually lifting up this institution to become the Worlds new Governing Body with the nations simply becoming subservient member states. Climate Change is really all about ENABLING this global power shift - from nations having their own sovereignty and authority to a single Global Governing Body having ultimate authority over every nation. Climate change is the "trick" to deceive the people into supporting this power shift.

This article is really telling us about the renewal of the United Nations dream of achieving World Governance, its appearing achievable again. Now with the new Pope on board there is indeed a new optimism that something can be achieved after the setback of the failed Copenhagen talks. So in simple terms, they are hopeful and encouraged that their "Climate Change" deception will soon succeed in handing over to them the power they've been seeking for a long time now.

Their eyes are set on the upcoming PARIS CLIMATE TALKS from - 30 November to 11 December 2015 (similar to the old failed Copenhagen Talks). A more accurate title would be the "Paris Global Government Agenda Talks". I believe the Pope's addressing of the US Congress is in preparation for the Paris Talks.

I hope all Bible believing Christians are aware by now that this Agenda is the formation of the BEAST of Revelations, that 10 Horned Beast that will trample the entire world and persecute the saints. This is the formation of the Anti-Christ's seat of Authority, the United Nations, the place from which he will rule the world and Mandate the Mark of the Beast. The return of Christ is not far away.
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