Iran Building Missile and Nuclear Facilities in Syria

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Iran Building Missile and Nuclear Facilities in Syria

Postby admin » Fri Jan 23, 2015 7:49 am

Iran Building Missile and Nuclear Facilities in Syria

Creating secret underground nuclear bunkers. Developing advanced missile sites. These are Iran’s latest projects. What makes these particularly important is that they are taking place in Syria.

In a report released on January 9, Germany’s Der Spiegel exposed the construction of a nuclear facility in Syria. The German news source cited intercepted phone conversations, aerial and satellite images, and facts about the construction of the facility in its exposition.

Work on the underground site allegedly began in 2009 in the town of Qusayr—tucked along the Lebanon-Syria border. With the aid of international backers, the facility has developed slowly in secrecy. ... s-in-syria

Oh so of course this is all just for Peaceful civilian purposes. What open lies we are being fed by the Obama Administration and even more puzzling is how are these lies able to hold up for so long? How can the Obama Administration not know about this and even better - have no reaction to it? Look what's going on brothers and sisters in Christ. The Obama Administration is effectively Iran's "Protector" & "Shield". Wow, I have to pinch myself to believe this is really being allowed to happen. That America is allowing this insane situation to develop, we are so close. I see a false peace deal coming soon and then after that a real nasty BANG
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