Sinister Link revealed between Ferguson Riots and Palestine

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Sinister Link revealed between Ferguson Riots and Palestine

Postby admin » Wed Dec 03, 2014 4:18 am

Now its all starting to make sense. The extraordinary Rioting scenes we saw in Ferguson had a purpose, it was the birthing of the connection between the false "Racism" struggle in the USA and the false "Palestinian" struggle in the Middle East. The racism issue in America is now turning into a more sinister attack on Israel.

'Occupation is a Crime - Ferguson to Palestine' ... fault.aspx

Ferguson and Palestine: Different Issues, Same Problem ... 44028.html

America’s newest War, the Palestinian War on American soil

Pro-Palestinian Activists Using Ferguson to Promote Anti-Israel Views ... ael-views/

Football star slammed for Palestine posts ... posts.html

Intifada in Ferguson ... -ferguson/

There are many more articles. I believe the same spirit of rebellion is driving both these movements, the racism movement in USA and the Palestinian movement in the Middle East. I think this also exposes Obama and where his heart lies, and in which camp he is placed.
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