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Postby Bob Crowley » Wed Feb 17, 2016 12:26 pm


I've just registered on this forum. I've been active on Catholic Answers Forum for some time, and more recently on Christian Forums. These are both US based, and if the discussion is about politics or world events, there's an American bias, which is understandable. Even in our Christian bookstores, I think it would be a fair comment to say that the majority of books, music etc. come from American sources. There's not much home grown stuff.

So it's good to see someone trying to make an Australian presence on the internet in the form of Australian Christian Forums.

After a brief scan of forum titles, I'm wondering how a Catholic presence will be tolerated. I have been Protestant (and atheist before that), but I've been Catholic for some time, so I've got experience in both camps. I can tell you there are some topics that Catholics rarely discuss - eschatology and prophecy are two of them for example. Proof of Biblical accuracy is another. There is a sense of what might called an evangelical flavour.

Nothing wrong with being evangelical of course - in fact in the Catholic Church there's a movement afoot called the "New Evangelism", but the truth is that we're not very good at it.

Give us time and we'll learn of course.

In the meantime ... what's the flavour of Australian Christian Forums?
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Re: Catholicism

Postby admin » Wed Feb 24, 2016 10:59 pm

Firstly Welcome !

We're happy to welcome everyone. The main thrust of these forums is discussing bible prophecy, bible proofs, current "front line" issues, exposing deceptions etc...its about getting to the Truth of matters, seeking credible answers to validate the scriptures, looking at the scriptures more "literally" and attempting to shine light on the darkness in the world, to increase awareness of the agendas at play in our world, all part of alerting believers to the closeness of the end of this Age and the return of Christ

There's no "intentional" denominational emphasis, however evangelical is probably loosely correct. I personally would argue that the most trustworthy defining reference would be the King James Version of the Bible, as opposed to other versions........that would be the kind of foundation I would want these forums to be officially based on - simply the Word of God. As far as the Catholic Church goes, I personally consider there to be MANY very decent, God serving believers in the Catholic Church, although I personally do not agree with some Catholic Doctrines and the institution it has created. I also view the Pope as bit of a politician, imho right now the current Pope is promoting the United Nations agenda rather than the Catholic Church. I am not desiring to offend anyone with my view, I'm simply desiring to inform people of what I consider to be the truth - from my perspective. I believe the current Pope is actually manipulating the Catholic Church, I don't see him as a true servant of God or the Church, he's more like a politician who has infiltrated the Church.

But as I said I have known many Catholic believers in my life and know that many many Catholics are extremely decent people and God seeking and serving..........

Hope that gives you a better idea of my own beliefs and what I hope the forums to become.
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